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Caroline Kennedy is INNOCENT of Rumored Affair

Caroline with her husband of 22 years, Ed Schlossberg 

Caroline with her husband of 22 years, Ed Schlossberg


The New York Post is reporting today that NY Times publisher Pinch Sulzburger has a new girlfriend…and it’s not Caroline Kennedy.

Yet more proof that Governor Paterson and his PR flack, former Bush White House deputy press secretary Judy Smith (you know, the one who spread these damaging rumors to the media after Caroline dropped her bid for Hillary Clinton’s senate seat – what was that all about, anyway?) just can’t stop lying.

Here’s the full story, from Page Six:

January 29, 2009 —

CAROLINE Kennedy is innocent – she did not have an affair with New York Times publisher Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. The rumor that their friendship was the “marriage problem” referred to by aides to Gov. Paterson couldn’t be true – because the divorced Sulzberger already has a girlfriend.

Sulzberger has been seeing Helen Ward, a vivacious woman he met on a trek to Peru about a year ago.

“No comment,” Ward told Page Six yesterday, then added, “There is only one woman in Pinch Sulzberger’s life, and that is the Gray Lady.”

A Times spokeswoman said: “Mr. Sulzberger is not and never has been romantically involved with Ms. Kennedy.” What about Ward? “I’m not going to comment.”

Caroline Kennedy has been married to interactive designer Edwin Schlossberg since 1986. They have three children. Sulzberger – who became the Times’ publisher when his father, Arthur “Punch” Sulzberger Sr., stepped down in 1992 – has been separated from his wife of 33 years, Gail Gregg, since last March.

Helen is also separated from her husband, Kevin P. Ward, executive director of the Aspen Science Center. A friend said Ward is unhappy with the breakup: “Kevin is crazy bitter about the whole thing.”

The Pinch-Helen romance seems to disprove the speculation that flourished after Paterson’s camp leaked that Caroline had “a tax problem, a nanny problem and a marriage problem.” Bloggers erroneously named Sulzberger, who is friends with Caroline, as the cause of the “marriage problem.”

As it happens, Helen has her own Kennedy connection. The Wards were said to be close friends with Caroline’s late brother, John, going back to the days when John was dating Daryl Hannah, and they all went on a trip out West to go helicopter skiing.

Glad we got that nasty rumor cleared up! And now that the supposed “nanny problems” and “tax problems” stories have also been proven false, can we please leave Caroline Kennedy the hell alone?

Here’s a better idea.

Instead, why don’t We the Media instead focus our coverage on why Governor Paterson engaged in a pay-for-play scheme to sell Hillary Clinton’s senate seat off to Kirsten Gillibrand (with a little help from her friends, including her heavyweight “sugar daddy” Al D’Amato?) instead of simply giving it to Kennedy for free?

If you thought Blago was bad, get a load of this. Now here’s a scandal the media can really sink their teeth into! 

Curiously, they don’t seem to be very hungry for pay-to-play scandals anymore after feasting on Blogojevich for the past two months. And besides, Blago’s got much better hair. 

Or is the mainstream media ignoring this story because it hits just a little too close to home, happening as it is right in their own backyard of New York state? Or could it be because their mega-media-corp owners’ names might be found on the list of Paterson’s campaign contributors?



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Will RFK Jr. Reclaim His Father’s Senate Seat?

Kennedy for Congress?


The New York Post reports that Bobby Kennedy Jr. is seriously considering his first-ever run for public office — and that he’s got his eye trained on the Senate seat formerly held by his father.

Of course, there is that little matter of if and when the current occupant decides to vacate, either by election to the presidency or by choice at the end of her term.

According to the Post, it’s not a question of if but when. The article says “Kennedy is convinced that if Clinton doesn’t win the presidency, she’ll quit the Senate when her term expires and join the private sector.”

The Page Six blurb also asserts that RFK Jr. is now an environmental advisor to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

While this report remains unconfirmed, it is true that Kennedy visited Moscow late last year at the invitation of the Russian government to consult on the nation’s environmental cleanup efforts.


Now, before you get too excited about the notion of RFK Jr. reclaiming the Senate seat held by his late father from 1964-68, stop to consider the source of this information.

The gossip column is apparently taking New York restauranteur Nello Balan’s word as gospel, an error few responsible journalists would make. 

Balan – who claims to be a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler – is known around town as a rather notorious publicity hound and a bonafide eccentric by any standard. The quick-tempered owner of Madison Avenue’s celebrity magnet Nello’s is frequently featured on Page Six, usually in reference to his latest scuffle with local club bouncers or for threatening legal action against a certain leggy supermodel who broke his prized umbrella. So you might want to ask the waiter for a few extra grains of salt on this one.

The New York Post, while always an entertaining read, can hardly be considered the most reliable of sources. Among the rag’s more recent whoppers was the report that Ted Sorensen “wrote” the famous 1961 “Ask Not” inaugural address for President John F. Kennedy. (Had anyone at the Post bothered to contact Mr. Sorensen, he would have set the authorship question straight in short order.)

The Post, in their mad rush to publish this latest “scoop,” apparently did not manage to reach Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for comment, either. He’s generally not difficult to get ahold of, although at present he’s enjoying the ski slopes of Aspen with his family and has certainly earned the right to a bit of peace and quiet over the holidays.

But perhaps the most tickling irony of all is the way Rupert Murdoch’s Post breathlessly reported this story as if they had an exclusive on the Second Coming. It’s hardly breaking news. Anyone who has been following this blog or heard one of Kennedy’s speeches over the past year already knows that Bobby is making no secret of the fact that he is “interested” in Hillary’s Senate seat. And for reasons that are likely deeply personal as well as political. 

So until we get this news straight from the horse’s mouth, we shall remain hopeful but skeptical. For now, best to chalk this one up to another enticing rumor from the mill.



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