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RFK Jr: “The Bill of Rights is Not a Luxury”

In this 13-minute video clip, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gives an interview to Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman (who is back in the fight after her arrest at the RNC last week) in which he says, among other things, that…



A day after Ted Kennedy addressed the Democratic convention in Denver, the Kennedys gathered at the historic Brown Palace Hotel in Denver to remember another Kennedy, Ted’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy. He was assassinated forty years ago, the night he won the Los Angeles Democratic primary. After the event, I sat down with Robert F. Kennedy’s son, environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He spoke about torture, impeachment and the most poignant memories of his father.

Click here to watch the streaming video of this interview with Bobby at Democracy Now’s website. You can also listen to the audio, and read the complete rush transcript.

While you’re there, please consider making a financial contribution to Democracy Now. Since they are now facing FELONY RIOT CHARGES (who knew that journalists covering political conventions incited riots?) over the RNC incident, they need your help now more than ever.

Please show your support for the First Amendment, and join the growing army of concerned Americans like RFK Jr. who say: “The Bill of Rights is NOT a luxury we can no longer afford!”

We need to send a strong message that arresting journalists, activists, peace groups and organizations like I-Witness who monitor police misconduct is UNACCEPTABLE in America. This is not Communist China!

While we’re at it, let’s send a message to Washington that it’s not too late to get impeachment back “on the table.” As Kennedy says in the interview above, “we need to impeach these people as a civics lesson.”

Take action. Today! Like now, already. What are you waiting for?


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Ventura Hints at 2012 Presidential Run


Forget all that crap the mainstream media tells you about John McCain being a maverick. Want to hear a REAL maverick speak? Well, you ain’t gonna hear him at the RNC Convention, folks. Better switch your tee-vee set to C-SPAN and watch the amazingly well-attended Ron Paul counter-convention coverage instead.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura delivered some mighty impassioned remarks yesterday at the Rally for the Republic, and we encourage everyone – Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Indifferent – to listen to the speech and consider the powerful truth this man is speaking.

During his speech, in which Ventura called for a peaceful revolution to “take our country back,” he said that can only happen once the American people stop falling for the phony left-right paradigm. “I am not a Democrat!” Ventura said to thunderous cheers. “And I am not a Republican! And I say that very proudly today because I think these two parties are destroying our country.”

Ventura also talked about his success as a third party candidate and encouraged people to vote locally for independent candidates to break the Republican-Democrat stranglehold.

“So it can be done – don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that it can’t be done, it can be done!” Ventura exclaimed.

Ventura concluded his speech by saying, “We can take our country back, it can be done, but it’s not gonna happen with talk – it’s gonna happen with action. I wrote the book Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me – well I’m here….let’s get the revolution going!”

 He also strongly hinted at a Presidential run in 2012, adding that if the country showed him it was possible, he would consider running, “we’ll give them a race they’ll never forget!”

Absolutely, Jesse. And be sure to bring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. along as your running mate. (Yeah, we know you’re thinking about it, buddy!)



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