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Another New Editor Joins Our Team!


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce the addition of Jack Mosel to our growing editorial team.

Those of you who read this site regularly are likely already familiar with Jack, who has been a regular commentator and guest blogger here for quite some time. He is well known to our readers as a devout environmentalist, a lifelong Kennedy loyalist (true story: his mother even named him after JFK!), and a man with strong opinions about the issues…especially anything to do with getting RFK Jr. elected, or perhaps better yet, putting certain Bushco criminals behind bars (watch out, Mr. Rove…Jack is on your trail!).

Jack will be helping out on this site, as well as our sister blogs, RFKJrNews.com and “Ask Not: The Kennedy Legacy.” We hope you will all give him a warm welcome. Oh, and fasten your seat belts…when Jack is at the wheel, you can surely bet it’s going to be one hell of a wild ride!

So without further ado, I’m going to step away from the podium and let Jack say a few words. Here he is now!

 — New Frontier


I was asked by this blog’s owner and founding editor, ‘New Frontier’ to help out with the current blog’s running editorial management in support of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I am not an author, I am not a politician, I am not “in the tank” for any public servant with blinder’s on. I am a converted Republican. I lean heavily Independent and I voted Democratic for Obama this past November… Throw your stones now… Get on the bus or get out of the way!

I am an owner of a small but successful business that restores water bodies from a Hyper-Eutrophic state (supporting plant life over animal life) to a healthy Oligotrophic state (supporting animal life over plant life), through all natural means… www.aquaticrestorationllc.com We use Non-Pathogenic bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen and beneficial food grade enzymes to accomplish this and have been doing so (despite “in the tank” best practices management policies of traditionally “solving” water quality issues with the use of toxic chemicals (posions) as being the solution for “restoring” water bodies from anthropromorphically created conditions globally, which have actually only exascerbated the water quality problems around the world) and have been actually restoring water bodies in this way, globally for the past 40 years. see www.clean-flo.com . (Shameless plug.. yet relevant to my underlying opinions on all things environmental). 

I applaud Mr. Kennedy and The Waterkeepers and the Riverkeepers and also hope to work with them some day as well.

We were asked some ten plus years ago to provide a solution to the Hudson River, when the PCB pollution “Issue” was brought to light from G.E. dumping PCB’s into the Hudson River. We were consulted as to our ability to provide a solution for The Hudson River’s contamination, similarly to the restoration we succesfully did for a 42 mile river (Le Helpe’ River) in Formies France… Robert Laing, Founder of Clean-Flo Labs provided an engineered system to achieve the restoration until huge dredging firms stepped in and shut us out of the “Big boy’s” club loop with the powers to be…

How long can we afford to permit our wholesaling off and plundering of our world? Forget Global Warming (for a minute)… If we continue at the rate we are consuming and puking back onto our planet’s surface and fresh as well as marine water bodies, we will know of a tipping point that will be far more devastating to us as a species within our closed system environment known as Earth period… It is with this in mind that I am firm in my resolve to support the efforts for us to begin to address water quality issues as a very high priority.

I would like to lead off my first topic of discussion with something RFK,Jr. holds near and dear to his heart. In these times of financial turmoil and political un-ease we have been made as a people, here and now, to bear the responsibility of looking at ourselves square in the face and ask some really tough questions today…

Are we going to “stay the course”? More of the same self-serving Politician’s and CEO’s, selfishly and callously throwing our present and future to the wind at the cost of our and their children’s future, for the short term sake of stealing a quick buck by not taking a stand on our environment and “Drill Baby Drill”! (As if that will work)… Or are we going to demand real accountability for energy efficiency, re-newable energy and clean air, water and stellar land management / stewardship standards?

Indulge me for a minute longer about H.A.B.’s (Harmful Algal Blooms), Eutrophication and the pig, chicken, hog and agricultural farmers in our U.S. of A…

The reason why there is a toxic dead zone and black band disease and various Red, Brown and Blue Green tides killing off everthing in the Gulf of Mexico and Coastal U.S. waterways as well as in the Great Lakes in our country is because of a massive oversight of known and unknown “Point Sources” of an over abundance of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from massive runoff’s (largely from these commercial / agricultural concerns and they know it)… I’m not throwing a big stone at them, we need these products… I am saying that NOT treating this issue is why the Chesepeake, The Gulf of Mexico, The Great Lakes, The coastal U.S. Waterways (L.I. Sound Lobster kills), Lakes and Ponds and Reservoirs, Ad Infinitum... are in desperate need of vitally needed dissolved oxygen and to replace the once abundant supply of good bacteria that decomposed these constituents into palletable morsels for animalia in the food chain on the way up the food web… Nature’s balance is so freeking thrown off now we’ll be lucky to beg for a technology like Clean-Flo International to get it all back… I digress only a little… We need real solutions and real fast, real soon…. Who’s driving the damn EPA BUS for real then? Hopefully, Mr. Kennedy in an Obama administration, if there is any justice in this world!

As I ‘qualify myself’ for you to get to know who I am and from what ‘angle’ I may choose to blog about in this forum, I offer my opinions and storyline selections to you from a basis which I believe personally, that will compliment and support that which I foresee as information related to or coming directly from RFK, Jr. I don’t know Mr. Kennedy, I have never met him, I live 20 minutes from his hometown in Westchester, NY and would like to meet him someday.

I am also a NYS Certified Secondary (High School) Earth Science Teacher. I am finishing up my Masters Degree currently and I have some strong opinions about our world, our government, our legacy (which we will be leaving our kids) and our recent past in terms of “Who’s driving the bus?”

Did I say that I have some strong opinions?!!!

I will treat every comment with dignity, absent those comments which may be posted without dignity… In this case (as contributing editor) I will remain open minded and fair to those who have differing opinions than mine, that said and as Rachael Maddow puts it ,”Talk me down”!

Looking forward to being part of the team! Go Bobby!

Let’s Roll,




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Cleaning Up America, One River At a Time

Photo by Dave Lauridsen; Grooming: Juanita Lyon/celestinetalent.com


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By Bill Newcott, May & June 2008 issue of AARP Magazine

He’s cleaning up America, one river at a time

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s obsession with rivers has its headwaters in the mid-1960s, when he and his famous dad paddled along the towering walls of the Grand Canyon. Now 54 and chief prosecuting attorney for the Riverkeeper environmental alliance, he goes after river polluters nationwide with a vengeance…and returns to the Colorado River in the new IMAX movie Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk.

Q: Why is the Grand Canyon at risk? “Forty-five years ago, when my dad and I went down in some military-surplus pontoon rafts, we were told that we were within the first couple of hundred people who had ever been down the Grand Canyon. Before the Glen Canyon Dam was built upstream from the canyon in the 1960s, you still had these big sandbars, and we camped on them. There were eight native fish that had a healthy population; four of those are now extinct, and the others are on their way to extinction. There were colonies of mammals—beavers, muskrats, otters—that have disappeared.”

Q: What happened? “The thing that’s destroying the Grand Canyon is not the visitors. It’s the friggin’ dams. The Glen Canyon Dam at the Glen Canyon reservoir took what was a warm river and turned the Grand Canyon into a big plumbing conduit, a cold-water canal between reservoirs.”

Q: Don’t we need the dams to protect against water shortages? “There’s enough water for everybody, but it’s being allocated to benefit a few utilities and developers, building golf courses and growing rice in the desert.”

Q: Are our environmental laws too lax? “We have very good environmental laws in this country. If we enforced them, we probably wouldn’t have environmental problems.”

Q: Where did you get the inspiration to become an environmentalist? “My father was an environmentalist, and so was my uncle—President Kennedy. He tried to launch the first Earth Day in 1962, but people wanted to focus on nuclear disarmament and other issues.”

AARP: Lifestyle Information for People 50 and Over
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Q: Are tourists “loving” our national parks to death? “Human beings are a part of nature. I spent time in the rain forests of Hawaii, and I have to say I was a little bit bored because there are no people in them. The rain forest I want to be in is the one that has human beings in it, so you can see human beings interacting with nature. I love to camp on an island in the Hudson and see the same blue silhouette of the Catskills that Henry Hudson saw when he came up in the Half Moon in 1609. I see the boatmen, the water-skiers, the big freighters. And I think, ‘You know, the Hudson is big enough for everybody.’ ”

Q: What can people do? “Get involved in the political process, and get rid of all these rotten politicians who are indentured servants to the big polluters. And I’m talking about Democrats and Republicans alike!”


Copyright 2008, AARP Magazine.


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Kennedy’s Passion, Anger Evident in Canada Speech

RFK Jr. in Canada, May 22, 2008

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at Trent University, May 22, 2008


Story and photo from Kawartha Media Group

An event that took so much planning on Trent University part paid off in a big way Thursday night (May 22) as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took to the stage at the Memorial Centre.

During a speech that at times was more performance than lecture, he captured his audience’s attention. The lights were low but the sold-out crowd of 2,000 people were squarely focused on the lone figure on stage.

After speaking about his love for Canada, Mr. Kennedy mentioned that Canada still has time to prevent what has already happened in the United States, in particular government policy being written by industrial lobbyists.
“We have the worst environmental administration that we’ve ever had in history,” he said, adding that instead of distributing the goods of the land and protecting democracy, there are well-positioned people looking out for big business as opposed to what’s best for everyone.

“Regardless of how much money you have, you should be able to have clean air to breathe, clean air to drink, and, for children, to have the opportunity to proudly bring home a fish and cook it for supper…without worrying about getting poisoned. That right has been taken away.”

Like Trent University president Bonnie Patterson promised, Mr. Kennedy’s address left behind a lot to think about.

For example, Mr. Kennedy recommended that Canadians start strongly lobbying for measures that will keep the United States from taking from Canada’s water supply.

Coverage from the Orilla Packet and Times goes on to say:

Canadians should tell the United States that they will not allow exports of their country’s water to address a shortage south of the border, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Thursday during a visit to Trent University.

“Right now, there’s a broad consensus against bulk water exports… and we think that that’s a good idea,” Kennedy told reporters. “But only 10 per cent of the water in Canada is protected.”

Kennedy, 54, urged Ottawa to “send a clear signal” to the United States by putting “strong protection on the other 90 per cent and say, ‘This is not going to the U.S.'”

Policy makers in parched southern states don’t fret about shortages, he said.

“They’ll say, ‘We don’t have to worry about this because we’ll just get the water from Canada.’

“It’s really important for us to say, ‘Canada’s not going to give us the water.’ We need to start right now implementing the kind of practices, good planning practices, that allow us to live within our resource base.”

On Thursday night, the high-profile environmental crusader was cast as the closing keynote speaker for the university’s 51st annual Conference on Great Lakes Research.

Reporters were asked to refrain from asking questions about his uncle during what was described as a trying time for the family.

And this announcement today from Canada Newswire:

TORONTO, May 23 /CNW/ – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sent Ontario Premier
McGuinty a tersely worded letter in which he asks that the Premier reform
Ontario’s outdated mining rules and do whatever possible to halt ongoing
drilling on traditional lands of jailed First Nations’ leaders.

Read the full letter from RFK Jr. here (PDF).

Learn more at WildlandsLeague.org




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All The News That’s Unfit To Print

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


If you’ve been listening to Bobby’s Air America radio show “Ring of Fire” lately, you probably noticed a new segment each week where Bobby and Pap (Mike Papantonio) run through the gamut of important news stories the mainstream media failed to report.

What started out as a 15-minute segment at the top of the show seemed to catch on, expanding to nearly all of the first hour last week.

Now, Kennedy is now adding the week’s “lost” news stories to his blog at Huffington Post, which we hope will become a regular weekly feature.



By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brendan DeMelle

War Profiteering/War Propaganda
In a superb example of print journalism, the New York Times reported last Sunday the sordid story of how television network military analysts with undisclosed financial ties to Pentagon contractors had been used by the White House and Pentagon to sell the Iraq War to the American people. In a sophisticated propaganda effort that would make Joseph Goebbels and Edward Bernays green with envy, the Pentagon had turned some fifty former officers, posing as independent experts, into hand puppets mouthing pro-war talking points on Fox News, ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC. “It was them saying, ‘We need to stick our hands up your back and move your mouth for you,'” Robert S. Bevelacqua, a retired Green Beret and former Fox News analyst described the process.

The officers, most of whom were connected to military contractors with a direct financial interest in the war, were granted favorable treatment including special access to the Pentagon brass, valuable business and military information and paid junkets to Guantanamo and Iraq. Those who veered from Pentagon talking points were swiftly blackballed or fired.

Corporate Spies
A private security firm employed former Secret Service and CIA agents to spy on Greenpeace, U.S. PIRG, Environmental Media Services and other environmental organizations on behalf of corporate clients including Monsanto, Halliburton, Wal-Mart and Allied Waste. Documents obtained by Mother Jones, which broke this explosive story, reveal the spying lasted from the late 1990s at least through 2000. The company paid private spies to collect phone records and other private information on prominent activists, to root through dumpsters and infiltrate the staffs of environmental organizations.

Dead Fish
In an unprecedented move, the Pacific Fisheries Management Council voted recently to cancel the salmon fishing season off the coast of California and much of Oregon because of shockingly low chinook salmon populations in the Sacramento River. Don McIssac, a council member, stated that, “Collectively, from Canada to Mexico, this will be the worst ever season off the West Coast.” California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency and requested federal funding to rescue the state’s fishing industry.

Captured Media
Predictably, none of the Sunday morning talk shows mentioned this critical story. They instead focused on important national issues like Obama’s refusal to wear a flag lapel pin (Face The Nation) (Tim Russert, Meet The Press, Fox News Sunday with Fox News Analyst Karl Rove) and his bowling scores (Meet The Press with Tim Russert), and his patriotism (McLaughlin Report).

Voter Fraud, Right Wing Justice
Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, fresh out of jail, talked to us about his Karl Rove-induced prosecution. Siegelman now has clear proof that his 2002 gubernatorial election was stolen by the GOP. After Alabama’s votes were counted and Siegelman had won, Republican thugs sent home poll workers and “recounted” the Baldwin County election results and then declared the Republican challenger Bob Riley the new winner. State and county Democrats quickly requested another recount but Alabama’s notorious Republican Attorney General William Pryor had the ballots sealed and illegally certified. With Pryor’s help, Siegelman was then jailed for nine months on trumped up charges manufactured by two Bush-appointed U.S. Attorneys under the direction of Karl Rove. On March 28th, an Appeals Court ordered his release pending appeal of his conviction. Watch the interview with Don Siegelman on GoLeft.tv.

Killing Buffalo
The federal government and Montana state officials have slaughtered nearly one third of Yellowstone’s buffalo herd so far this year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. NRDC has called for a moratorium on the unnecessary killing and hazing of buffalo that venture out of the western boundary of the park during the annual migration into the herd’s traditional calving grounds on the Horse Butte peninsula. The purported aim of the slaughter is to keep Horse Butte’s private cattle herds safe from potential disease transmission. The problem with this explanation is that there are no cattle in the Horse Butte area and local residents support the wild migration. Furthermore, NRDC reveals that “there are no documented cases of cattle contracting brucellosis from Yellowstone buffalo, and cattle in the vicinity have been vaccinated against the disease.”

Record Oil Profits
The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that Saudi Arabia and other OPEC member nations are poised to collect $1 trillion from oil exports this year, with the largest chunk of the cash flowing from the world’s biggest oil consumer, the United States. The U.S. imported 5.8 million barrels per day of OPEC oil in January, the highest level for any month since July 1977. U.S. oil demand is expected to average 20.6 million barrels a day this year.

Screwed Again by the Saudis
Meanwhile, despite Bush’s years of pandering and handholding with Saudi’s Crown Prince (now King) Abdullah, the Saudis have refused Bush administration requests that they increase oil production to ease America’s fuel crisis. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has ordered that newly discovered oil deposits be left in the ground to preserve oil wealth for future Saudi generations. “Our children need it,” the King explained. The Kingdom stated in the late 1990s that fossil fuels would meet energy demands “for only about another 200 years. ”

Corporate Welfare
Meanwhile, riding the gravy train of OPEC’s artificially manufactured shortages, ExxonMobil announced the largest profits in the history of the world in February, causing some in Congress to question whether the oil industry should continue to be lavished with billions in subsidies. Oil industry toadie Glenn Beck responded to Congressional criticism of the oil industry’s record profits, saying we should “be thankful for Big Oil.”

Poisoning Our Water
PA Administrator Stephen Johnson has proposed further weakening America’s drinking water protections, in ways that would most severely impact the country’s poorest communities. Under direct pressure from the White House and acting against the advice of EPA’s own scientific advisers, the EPA has cut funding for water infrastructure, opposed strong health standards for rocket fuel and other chemicals in our water supply, and decided to derail regulation of the growing levels of pharmaceuticals and chemicals from personal care products in America’s drinking water.

Katrina Refugees
Nearly three years after Hurricane Katrina, roughly 40,000 families are still living in mobile homes and trailers throughout the Gulf Coast, many erected in their driveways next to destroyed homes. The government issue “temporary” shelters are known to be contaminated with toxic formaldehyde fumes. The urgency for action is escalating with hurricane season less than 2 months away.

Corporate Welfare
The biggest U.S. companies are largely safe from IRS audits, according to a study by TRAC, a research group affiliated with Syracuse University. TRAC points to “a historic collapse in audits” of major corporations, which are at a 20-year low. Only one in four large corporations (those over $250 million) are now being audited compared to three out of four in 1999. Meanwhile, audits of middle class and working families have increased dramatically with 10% now enduring IRS audits, more than double the odds in 2000.

Miserable Media
One of the reasons you many not have heard these news items in the mainstream media — after years of dramatic cuts that have eliminated all investigative reporters and foreign news bureaus at the major networks — CBS has now announced additional deep cuts across its editorial, technical operations and news bureau desks. The total cuts amount to 1 percent of the meager remaining network’s news staff.

Global Warming Lawsuit
Eighteen states, three cities and 11 environmental groups recently sued to force EPA to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, accusing Administrator Johnson of failing to live up to his promise that EPA would respond to the April 2007 Supreme Court decision requiring EPA to limit global warming pollution from new cars and trucks.

Protesting Coal Plants
Eight people were arrested on April 1st while protesting the expansion of Duke Energy’s Cliffside coal-fired plant. Two of the protesters were shocked with Taser guns after chaining themselves to bulldozers during the peaceful protest, which was part of an international series of actions called Fossil Fools Day designed to call attention to the urgent threat of catastrophic global warming.

Send tips about other stories the mainstream media forgot to report: unearthednews@gmail.com


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Bobby Brings Daughter Kick Into the Spotlight

Bobby Kennedy Jr. with daughter Kick

RFK Jr. and daughter Kick. Her friend Zander sits between them.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his eldest daughter Kathleen (”Kick”) stopped by “Morning Joe” recently to talk about Kennedy’s new IMAX 3-D film, Grand Canyon Adventure.

The film, narrated by Robert Redford, with a soundtrack by the Dave Matthews Band, features Bobby and his daughter Kick going on a whitewater rafting adventure down the Colorado River. The film opens across the country on March 20 in IMAX theatres.

Kennedy hopes it will help to raise awareness of his decades-long fight to save the nation’s waterways and conserve this most precious natural rescource.

Kick Kennedy, a granddaughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy and Stanford University student, has kept a fairly low profile until now. This new film marks her cinematic debut, bringing her into the public eye for the first time. She seems totally confident and at ease appearing beside her father in media appearances to promote Grand Canyon Adventure.

As you’ll see in the interview, she is lovely young woman brimming with charm and good humor – we look forward to hearing much more from her in the future.

In case you missed the live broadcast last week, here’s the video of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” interview from March 12. The segment is about 10 minutes long. Click the link below to watch it on GoLeft.tv:


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RFK Jr. IMAX Film Opens At SXSW Festival


Grand Canyon Adventure 3D: River at Risk

Opens March 14 at Austin’s only IMAX Theatre, located inside the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.

Call (512) 936-4649 to reserve your tickets.
Click HERE for IMAX Theatre showtimes.

There is no late seating in the IMAX® Theatre.  Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled show time.

Grand Canyon Adventure 3D poster.Set against the immense backdrop of a natural treasure, Grand Canyon Adventure 3D: River at Risk will take audiences on an exhilarating adventure down the Colorado River in the company of a team of explorers who are committed to bringing awareness to global water issues.

One of the world’s mightiest rivers, the Colorado, no longer reaches the sea. Every drop of river water is allocated to agriculture and populations along the way, many of whom don’t even realize their connection to the river.

Join the free family-friendly opening celebration on Saturday, March 15 from 1-4 pm, sponsored by 3M. You can see a large scale “erosion station,” build your own water cycle generator, learn about water conservation from folks at the Texas Water Development Board, and even hop in a boat for a great photo op!

Narrated by Robert Redford, the river journey is a compelling and emotional personal story for the film’s main characters, two fathers and their 18-year old daughters who soon will be leaving home to make their own way.

The cinematic guides include the renowned Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a leading advocate for water conservation and river restoration, and his daughter Kick.

They are joined by Wade Davis, an ethno-botanist and author who has traveled the world studying other cultures, and his daughter Tara. Shana Watahomigie, who grew up at the Canyon’s edge with her Havasupai family, is their Grand Canyon guide.

As the expedition journeys down river, audiences will learn about the challenges and opportunities that exist for conserving and restoring watersheds. A MacGillivray Freeman Film that combines science and adventure with some of giant screen cinema’s most compelling imagery and locations, Grand Canyon Adventure 3D delivers a message of hope and inspiration.

Image from Grand Canyon Adventure 3D.This is MacGillivray Freeman’s first-ever 3D film for IMAX Theaters and will provide audiences with a unique experience. “A river trip is one of those amazing life events where you’re ripped out of your daily routine and inspired to see the world in new ways. With IMAX 3D images, we’re able to put the audience even more into the action and let them participate in every twist and turn,” says the film’s two-time Academy Award-nominated producer/director Greg MacGillivray.

A stirring score featuring songs and music from the Grammy Award-winning Dave Matthews Band sets the mood for this adventure that explores the spiritual, artistic and life-sustaining powers of water—and makes crystal clear that each of us must do our part to better manage this crucial resource for the future.

Image from Grand Canyon Adventure 3D.Grand Canyon Adventure 3D: River at Risk is produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films and MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation in association with Waterkeeper Alliance and Museum Film Network, presented by Teva and supported by Kohler Co. The film is directed by Greg MacGillivray, produced by Greg MacGillivray, Mark Krenzien, and Shaun MacGillivray, and written by Jack Stephens and Stephen Judson. The score is co-composed by Dave Matthews Band’s Stefan Lessard and Steve Wood.

Check out the official website at www.grandcanyonadventurefilm.com

Grand Canyon Adventure 3D opens at the IMAX Theatre of the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum March 14, 2008. Ticket prices are $7 for adults, $6 for seniors/military/students (with college ID) and $5 for youths age 18 and under.

The IMAX Theatre is located in the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum at 1800 N. Congress Avenue at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.


Article and photos from TheStoryofTexas.com


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RFK Jr.’s New IMAX Film in Theatres Next Month

It has been predicted that water conservation will be the top environmental topic for 2008, and just as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth pushed climate change up the agenda, the new movie Grand Canyon Adventure could do the same for water.

The movie, which will premiere on March 14, 2008 in anticipation of World Water Day (March 22, 2008) in 3D IMAX theatres, follows environmental heroes Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Wade Davis, along with their daughters, as they journey down the Colorado River to raise awareness about the world’s growing shortage of fresh water.

“In our film, the Colorado River becomes a metaphor for global water issues, revealing how interconnected our rivers, water supply and human actions really are,” says the film’s two-time Academy Award-nominated producer/director Greg MacGillivray.

He adds, “A river trip is one of those amazing life events where you’re ripped out of your daily routine and inspired to see the world in new ways. With IMAX 3D images, we’re able to put the audience even more into the action and let them participate in every twist and turn.”

Rather than the fact filled, wordy style of An Inconvenient Truth, however, Grand Canyon Adventure focuses on the adventure side of things. The giant-screen film uses the whitewater rafting action and grandeur of the Grand Canyon to tell an engaging story of how ordinary people can make a difference for our parched planet – one that is running out of clean, fresh water so fast the U.N. estimates that 40% of the world could face life-threatening shortages by the year 2050.

“Safe fresh water is a human right like clean air, yet more than one-fifth of the world’s people suffer without adequate clean water,” says Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who recalls going down the Colorado just a few decades ago with his own father and seeing wide, sandy banks and animals that have since vanished.

“My hope is that Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk will remind the world that restoring our waterways and conserving fresh water are important, not just in developing nations but here at home.” Kennedy says. “The quality and survival of our civilization will depend on it.”

Story by Ianto Everett, About My Planet.com.


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