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We want to know what’s on your mind. Most of all, we want Mr. Kennedy to know what’s on your mind.

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  1. Alison

    What steps would you take to end the war in Iraq, and how soon would you bring our troops home?

  2. John

    As president, what would you do to tighten border security and fix our broken immigration system?

  3. Keiko

    Do you support or oppose universal health care for all Americans, and do you think there is enough Congressional support for such a bill to pass?

  4. Marcus Jackson

    If you enter the race, would you run as a Democrat, Independent, or third party candidate?

  5. MP

    Wasn’t the IRS and taxes only supposed to be temporary? Do you support the IRS & Taxes or eliminating it as intended & Why?

    Would you fight to keep Holistic remedy’s legal?

    Would you clean up the USDA? so it would have meaning that people could trust?

    Would you fight to get fuel prices back under control?

    Do you support higher minimum wages …why?

    • Pace Kelleher

      IRS is good to make sure that the overall structure of our country and its focus are in line with focus of people. But, we need to have different levels for people who are willing to devote their focus to employing just a few people, etc, based on their talents, abilities, etc. For me personally, I really dont care to have tons of material possessions. It is nice to be able to help people and make their journey more peaceful and fullfilling. Obviously, we will need a leader to get policy in place where people dont have too many kids. That is already in the works. For the most part all is getting better, since we have gotten the script writters to loosen up some. 🙂 I truly think its important to not judge people by anything other than the result they have on others as a whole. Well done for the most part.
      Always available to serve. Lets please get cannabis to people during last 5 yrs of life, that sucks to go thru end of life! TY

  6. Do you think it is possible to fix the mess of congress & House reps giving themselves raises and benefits, writing bad checks, etc? If yes what steps would you take to fix this fleecing of America?

    What steps would you take to give America back to the people and remove it from the corrupt?

  7. Lawrence Day

    What steps would you propose to improve food and product safety standards on the goods we import from foreign countries, particularly China?

    Do you think our current trade policies should be reversed in favor of American companies and the American worker? Are you disturbed by the lack of products labeled “Made in the USA”?

    Do you favor or oppose trade agreements such as NAFTA and the North American Union?

  8. Kimberly A. Haugan

    What do you think of the progress President Bush is making in regards to intelligence reforms? Our intelligence community needs to be more accountable for its actions. The intelligence community must answer for their gross failures instead of trying to get rid of proof of their gross failures.

    I am a huge fan, God Bless you in your run for President and always know you are in my prayers everyday.

    Kimberly A. Haugan

  9. TC

    I do have a question, actually…..
    What are life-long Democrats like me — who have worked for the Party for 45+ years — going to do if people like you will not run for office and help us take this Party back?

    I’m disgusted with the present-day Rightward turn this Party has taken. I am alarmed at the lack of representation we, the people, actually get in return for our votes, because the big corporations are able (and willing!) to bribe our Democratic candidates with their big $$$$. I am appalled at the level of collusion and enabling of the Bush Administration — continued funding for the Iraqi occupation, and the support for FISA are just two recent examples — against the overt wishes of the majority of Democrats who cast votes in the last election.

    I am concerned at the level of power and influence the DLC is seeking, using proven neo-con methods of influence (corporate $$$$, management of message, attack on the Left, and treating elections like chess games instead of hearing the will of the people.) We are still without universal healthcare. We still see the poor and minorities having to endure Jim Crow attacks on their right to vote. Gays and Lesbians are still denied the right to marry for love, despite the fact that they pay taxes just like all other Americans. Women’s right of Choice is hanging by a thread. Katrina is still a pile of rubble. We are hated, despised, and disrespected world-wide. And yet… it is corporate personhood that is being allowed to ride rough-shod over our backs while those we elect to support us are busy voting with the Republicans to extend the occupation, defund social programs and safety nets for the poor, extending tax cuts and advantages for the rich, and enabling the off-shoring and out-sourcing of decent, well-paying American jobs.

    I am a Democrat hanging, late in life, by a thread. You are one of the few hopes I see for this Party if it is to survive. Are you willing to step into the debate and advocate for all the Democrats, like me, who want a Democratic Party that in uncorrupted by corporate $, who seek equality for all under a vibrant and fully-restored Constitution, who want our environment safe-guarded and protected, who want to see the poor given the things they need to succeed, and the middle class restored — along with the “American Dream” it once engendered? Are you ready? We need you.

    Even if you don’t win, your voice would start important conversations, would add important ideas to the debate, and would give those of us who so desperately need someone who believes as we do a much-needed voice within this Party again.


  10. Orsolya T.

    If you would be the President what would you do to fix America’s image in the eyes of foreign people?
    I am a European and everytime I say I *love* America to someone he looks at me as if I said I love the Satan.
    Thanks and God bless you and your family!

  11. Yvonne

    What would do to make college more affordable to Americans?

  12. Chrisy

    I have long respected your work on the enviroment. You are a true Patriot and with your work and fighting for the enviroment, justice for people who have been harmed by the multi-national corporations who I believe have sold this country out I have long admired your service to this country. I have thought about putting your name forward for the DAR Medal of Honor and am still considering it.

    If you were President what would you do to stop the multi- National corporations from destroying this country by their greed? They are traitors to this country and I believe you know that as well.

    What will you do to fight for the future for Americans to live in a clean, safe, planet where children today can swim in a clean ocean, river or lake? They can know the joy of fishing and being able to eat the fish they catch without getting sick from it?

    After 8 years of Bush we need a President who cares about the planet and if future generations will inherit a planet worth living in or if they will inherit a toxic waste dump. I hope you will run, as the other candidates seem very weak on the issue of the enviorment, and with your knowledge I think you are most qualified.

  13. Charles L.

    As President, what do you think our response should be to the increasing tensions with Iran? Would you support a military invasion of Iran, even if they do not directly attack America? Lastly, do you believe that Iran’s nuclear program poses any real threat to the western hemisphere? Thank you.

  14. Beth

    Bobby, I eagerly volunteer to maintain your Myspace! It is evident no one has checked in since May 07. It has a stellar base, but some of the comments have gotten out of hand. Awaiting your reply : )

  15. Corey Kern

    I listened to your speech in Vermont and at Live Earth telling us to get involved in the political process and kick out those corrupt politicians that are in there now, but my question is why have you not been the first uncorrupt politician to step up and volunteer to take their place? I believe in what you say, but what are you waiting for? You have a chance to change the U.S. and the world. Why have you been so hesitant to get involved?

  16. RichardTheThird

    Why are you supporting Hillary Clinton for president in 2008?

    I’m just puzzled because it seems that she stands for most of the things you are against. Please give us a reason for this sudden about-face!

  17. michael seratt

    dear rfk jr., did you see the calif. (b) section of the l.a. 1 on dec.20,2007? or did anyone see it. it would be inspiring if this little rfk supporter would come forward today. i hope and pray she did not lose faith after tragedy. mike seratt.

  18. rfkin2008

    Hey Michael –

    Yes, that was an amazing story in the LA Times…I wonder whatever became of that little girl, too.

    Not sure if RFK Jr. saw the story, but here’s a link for anyone who is curious to read the article,1,2784658.story

  19. michael seratt

    to- rfk jr.: let us know at this site who ‘midge costanza is supporting for pres. she said she was a part of your father’s agenda for women. or to comment herself. i believe she has a political institute in san diego these days. mike seratt

  20. Agnes

    How can you be so anti -President George W. and so pro-Senator Hillary ? The ugliest side of their personalities is alike.

  21. Matt

    Hello. I love your articles and your website. Your deep dissatisfaction with our nation’s leaders and policies is in complete agreement with what I think of them. However lately I’ve been seriously considering joining the Navy, for its benefits and give myself a boost in life. I’m only 18 so the GI Bill would do wonders for my education expenses but I’ve been struggling with the idea of being employed by the US Government and such, a regime I’ve openly hated since the Iraq War started in 2001. My question is that if I join the Navy or Naval Rerserve, would I simply be joining my enemy or making a future for myself?

  22. Hi Matt, thanks for your question. As you probably already know, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did not serve in America’s armed forces, but his father and Uncles Joe Jr. and President Kennedy were all proud Navy men.

    Curiously, the younger generation of Kennedys chose not to serve in the armed forces. Why they did not is open to speculation – we honestly don’t know their reasons. Perhaps it has something to do with coming of age in the 1960s/70s, a time when so many young Americans became cynical about the U.S. waging wars of aggression overseas, and maybe like others in that generation, they chose *not* to be a part of it.

    Your question is one that previous generations faced, and now that we are now waging an endless war on terror, it is one that every young American must face again. At least this time, you have the choice, as there is no longer a draft.

    Still, this is a question which will affect the rest of your life, and it is not to be taken lightly. Nor is it easy for anyone else who has not served in the military to give you advice on this, the most personal of decisions.

    With the cost of a college education going through the roof, many young Americans are faced with the same dilemma you have: either a) forego college altogether, b) take out student loans and go deeply into debt, or c) join the military because of the GI Bill.

    With such an unpopular war going on, how else does a volunteer Army/Navy survive? Let’s face it, many of the young men and women signing up now aren’t doing it for all the right reasons. Sheer patriotism is not what motivates them to fight a war which they strongly disagree with — although it is important to point out that throughout history, some of our most courageous war heroes did not support the war they were fighting. Rather, they viewed what they were doing as a duty to serve their country, even when it meant fighting a foolish and unjust war which they personally thought to be utterly abhorrent.

    Your question really strikes at the heart of a moral decision which every young American must now make, and that is why I draw attention to it here. Does one have to sell his/her soul (or body parts) to a government which they distrust simply in order to get a decent education and make a future for themselves? Is this what the American dream is supposed to be all about?

    I wish that Mr. Kennedy himself could answer your question personally. It would be interesting to hear what he would have to say, considering that he himself has several children, some of whom are of fighting age already, and others who will be in just a few short years. In a family like the Kennedys, who have such a strong Naval tradition, one wonders why so many of them have chosen *not* to join the Navy in recent decades.

    Obviously, this was a very personal choice that each of them had to make, and the fact that they did not volunteer, despite what must have been tremendous pressure to do so, in itself speaks volumes. And perhaps this may answer your question.

    Food for thought, anyway.

    I know this is a gut-wrenching choice for you and your family, and I sincerely hope that you will end up making the choice that brings your conscience peace. And if you do join the Navy, I pray that God will keep you safe.

    Thanks again for writing, Matt, and for being part of our community. I hope you’ll be a frequent poster here and let us know what you eventually choose to do. You’ll have lots of support here within our ranks, no matter what you decide!

  23. chrisy58


    The decision that you must make is not an easy one.

    I have a half-nephew who is serving in the army and has been in Iraq several tours and who I believe is currently over there now. I haven’t spoken to Alan for years, but he is doing what he believes he must do.

    You need to really think about both sides of the equation before deciding. Talk it over with your parents. Pray about what the Lord would have you do.

    Personally I think this is a different kind of war than WWII that our parents(your grandparents) generation fought in. They were fighting an enemy who needed to be defeated because of all the evil he committed. The Third Reich had to be defeated. This war in Iraq was a war based with lies and deceit. I remember when we first went in I thought to myself this is another Viet Nam. It has turned into being another Viet Nam. We have had 4000 people loose their lives so far in this WAR of George W Bush.

    Yes, there is the GI Bill which will really help with your education. With the cost of college being so expensive it would be a great thing.

    Matt, what the troops have seen over there has scared them. I have known many vets who were not the same when they returned from Viet Nam and now this war. I have met young men who will never be the same because they are injured. Some will never walk again. Some have lost arms. Some have nighmares.

    If I had a son I think I would ask him do you believe in this war and that we need to be there for the defense of America? WWII our troops had to be there because it was a moral duty to defeat Hitler. Do you believe that we must be there and stay there up to 100 years if needed like John McCain believes?

    If he answered no to any of the questions I would encourage him to think twice about joining. Alan believes in what he is doing. If you don’t really believe in your heart what you are fighting for than I would say not to join. Only when we believe what we are fighting for do we have the heart to overcome the struggles, the pain, the hardships that one would have to endure fighting in Iraq or any other War you might be sent to.

    Matt, I think Chris Dodd had a great idea when he suggested that students who graduate if they were to join the peace core or some other volenteer group for at least two years wouldn’t have to pay back their student loan. That is a great idea. You would get your education, and than after graduation you would be making serving in the peace corps for a couple of years. I haven’t heard any of the other candidates really pick up on that, but I think it is very much needed.

    Good luck Matt!

  24. Chrisy, thanks for chiming in on this question and offering your own personal insight on one of your own family members currently in the service. Hopefully Matt will read your words and factor all of these points into his decision.

    I tend to agree that one should not volunteer to serve in the armed forces (especially in wartime) unless he or she is totally devoted to that mission.

    But with so many young Americans now turning against the war, this leaves college-age men and women with few options to pay for college, other than joining the military.

    Chris Dodd’s plan was a great idea, allowing for college loans to be repaid with hours of public service – I especially liked that notion. Allowing young people to repay their college costs with service in the cause of peace – not war – was a marvelous plan, and the time has come for the government to offer alternatives to military service for college students.

    Unfortunately, Dodd’s out of the race now, and about the only other candidate I’ve heard a similar plan from is Barack Obama. I don’t know if our friend Matt can wait until next year to make his decision, but if Obama is elected, Matt may at least have a better set of choices.

    Here, in short, is Obama’s plan to help young people pay for college, taken from his website:

    Create the American Opportunity Tax Credit: Obama will make college affordable for all Americans by creating a new American Opportunity Tax Credit. This universal and fully refundable credit will ensure that the first $4,000 of a college education is completely free for most Americans, and will cover two-thirds the cost of tuition at the average public college or university and make community college tuition completely free for most students. Obama will also ensure that the tax credit is available to families at the time of enrollment by using prior year’s tax data to deliver the credit when tuition is due.

    In return for the $4,000 credit, students will be required to give 100 hours of community service per year. They can join a national organization such as the Peace Corps, or they can volunteer for a local organization in their community to meet the requirement.

    Simplify the Application Process for Financial Aid: Obama will streamline the financial aid process by eliminating the current federal financial aid application and enabling families to apply simply by checking a box on their tax form, authorizing their tax information to be used, and eliminating the need for a separate application.

    More on Senator Obama’s plan to make college more affordable can be found on his website here:

  25. pam

    How do I write a personal comment to “new frontier”?

  26. To contact me privately, drop an email to:

  27. Jim

    Remarkable untruths, one right after another!

    On the Larry King show on energy this week, RFK JR. lied about a number of items, remarkable, considering the brief time he was speaking.

    RFK, Jr stated ALaska oil is sent overseas. ALL Alaska oil is shipped to Washington state and to California for refining. Do your homework.

    You accused Chevron of spilling BILLIONS of gallons of drilling waste per year into Cook Inlet? I have been there a number of times and these oil platforms have been producing since the 1950’s- I would expect BILLIONS of gallons of waste would be visible, would ruin salmon fishing and the State of Alaska DNR would shut the polluting site down. One of the largest King Salmon runs is within site of these platforms, where the Kenai River empties into Cook Inlet. Alaskans are a very environmentally concerned group and waste of this type and volume would not be tolerated: Before I call this an outright lie, please provide documented support for this accusation.

    Your uncle and Senator Kerry led the opposition to wind farms off the Massachusetts coast in the past few years. Remarkable – talk about “special interests”. You said on Larry King these would have been destructive of the local fishing grounds. Typically, structures in the ocean actually provide breeding grounds for smaller fish – please provide documetation to support your opinion. It may be worth noting these windmills would have affected the view from the Kennedys’ family compound on the Massachusetts coast.

    As to wind and solar electricity, everyone should be all for these, but your contention that these will solve Americas’ thirst for oil is remarkably pie in the sky. No-one would like to plug in their car overnight more than me, but first a practical battery is critical to cause a large segment of the population to switch to electric cars. Corporations large small world-wide are trying to invent this battery, but to date none have achieved a usable product. Eventually, if a battery is invented that is practical, ramping up the eletrical grid to handle the increase in demand will require a number of technologies, including wind and solar, but the massive volume needed will come from nuclear and coal. Please do your homework on this.

    Wind in the midwest and solar in the southwest is fine, but transmission of electricity decreases volume over distances and unfortunately many of the large markets are too far away from these sources to be economical.

    In summary, your distortion of thruth in such a brief period was shocking and frankly irresponsible. I suggest you “hit the books” before you appear in public assuming a position of knowledge.

  28. This will not be a political question, but a question focused on cause participation. Spasmodic Dysphonia is not a life-threatening disorder, it does respond to Botox injections every 3 months. Hopefully Dr. andrew Blitzer is doing the injections as he is one of the best in NYC when it comes to treating dysphonia.
    However, I do have one objection; if being an Honary Board member for, and, why not “come out ” with the disorder ?It would certainly lessen questions such as those pertaining to vocal cord cancer and other medical rumors etc.

    NIH Funding for dystonia is lousy when compared to PD and tremor. It seems that most scientists have turned to PD due to Michael J. Fox and his massively raised $$$ millions. Dystonia can be an incredibly disabling disorder. I know, as I have dystonia but still work as a ICU RN and NP here in NYC.

    The Dystonia Community needs a bit of active, not passive, participation from those who can help make a change.

    beka serdans, RN, MS, NP

  29. I have been thinking about the “short-list” for Obamma. I will support Bobby’s name, and I even wrote to Obamma suggesting it. However, in real time, I think w/Caroline K playing such a HUGE role in that vetting process, that she would opt NOT to support her cousin.

    1. It would look like nepotism & Caroline is real circumspect about those things
    2. I don’t know what is going on in that family, but I thought it VERY werid that many Kennedy’s went Independent on Caroline & Uncle Ted; as we saw when Hillary was in race. For whatever reasons, I don’t think Caroline is a real strong backer of Cousin Bobby. I’ve heard she is getting to like politics quite a bit herself. She may see him as competition in her future goals, or whatever. I do not perceive Caroline Kennedy to be a friend for our cause. Quite the opposite.

    I was very taken with the cute video of Paris Hilton sassing McCaine. Her last quote was Bobby’s remark on barricades! See, he is being quoted. People know him well. Much better than some party stalwarts would like to think.

    I thank Paris Hilton, for quoting Bobby Jr. Anything can happen at anytime to make this the VERY first time that Americans would conceive of voting Independent. We saw what John Edwards just got into, and really that was harmless next to the damage that lots of new dirt on Obamma or McCaine could really wreak havock. It is very conceivable that both men might even have to drop out, at the rate the *c*ap is flying! If they get caught doing illegal, very obvioius things that would be impeachable if they were President, or were found to have been involved in unpopular situations . . .who knows? Everyday sleazy stories about both candidates come out. Neither party seems to be good at Press Control. Maybe that is a good thing1

    Let’s get real serious about our petition. Today’s Straw Poll at AOL was DISMAL for Obamma. This is a very volatile race. Both parties very unstable. Instead of unifying behind Obamma, the Clintons are acting up & out. Mrs. Clinton’s followers are said to be VERY unhappy with Obama. Under normal circumstances, I would feel there is no way that I can see Bobby or any Independent running realistically. Right now, I think Bobby as a 3rd party would be a life jacket for this country. That is why I am here, because I do believe he is blessed w/skills to lead this difficult nation.

    I was simply abashed at Caroline Kennedy’s statement of Obamma being the closest, charismatic politician to her iconic father. How could she have forgotten her Uncle Bobby? How come she choose to distance herself from the Kennedys in early adulthood? She acted as if the rest of the world had not taken notice of her cousin Bobby. Time after time, I have seen so many letters to editors, every time Bobby speaks in public, just begging him to run for Public office. And Caroline has the gaull to say, “Not since my father”? COME. ON.! Bobby’s family should have been backing him from day 1 for this election. But we all know about “family dynamics” don’t we? They can even destroy the greatest of dynastys.

    I’ll just keep lighting candles, keep the prayers going, because this is a real spiritual matter to me. I hope we in this group can collectively accomplish something in terms of getting Bobby going in the right direction. He needs not just 1 letter but to hear from all of you & all of your friends and loved ones. Politics is not based upon solitary wishes. Let’s dream & scheme together!

    This race

  30. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  31. Jeanine Klug

    I was wondering if the DNA has ever been checked on the two hair samples found at the Martha Moxley murder scene? I don’t believe that Michael commited this crime and I hope someday the real killer will be caught.

  32. ted frank

    suing the chrurch for fraud.

    I am a big fan of RFK jr.. I think they will find this interesting. It is right up their alley. All celebrity activist will want to see it.

    Have you seen this,

    Click on the entry called, The Present. The writing is not very good, but what it says will turn this world upside down or right side up. You will see what I mean when you read the first page. I think they will be very interested in the section about politics, page 127. They will also be interested in the section on what America should do about energy, going green, the military and other things starting on page 247, the end of the book beginning on page 433 and the comments people are making about it. It helps to read the comments before you read the other things. Especially the last one from Jim that says his organization called the Minor Majority is going to sue the Christian Church for fraud.

    The author points out how important celebrity activist will be in changing the world, so it is important that they see it. They will thank you for forwarding it to them.

    I do not know if I am sending this to the right place. I just searched their name on the Internet and found you, so please forward it to them if you can or forward it to someone that can. If you can forward it to any celebrity activist please do it. If you can’t, no response is necessary.

    Thank you

    Ted Frank
    PS: I like your site.

  33. Dear Bobby: The links on your official webpage ( elections fraud do not work; they seem to be outdated or broken. have you abandonned the idea of having every poll place under scrutiny… does the DAF still exist? Everyone I know is talking about the elections being stolen; certainly we can do something about it …please let me know…

  34. BIG D


  35. Heather Goraj

    I recently read the article in which your Dystonia became apparent on an interview with Larry King. I am a teacher that suffers with Generalized Dystonia and I have been dealing with discrimination and incorrect perceptions about how people with Dystonia are somehow weak.

    I am a teacher of 4th grade students, I am married and I have a 16 year old son. I work in a poverty stricken area, attend Graduate courses, and I work throughout the year writing curriculum to reach our unique population of students. I am hardly weak and I am certainly productive. When I read the article I wondered, is there anything that you are doing as a public figure to get the word out?

    I am a brain donor and I bring attention to this condition any chance I get. We need to get out there adm raise money for research. We need to take this “rare” condition and bring it out for all to see. We need to make a difference in the medical community and learn more about this disorder. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read that article, not because you suffer from this disorder as we all do but because you respresent hope for people like me.

    I have Generalized Dystonia and tremors. My tremors affect my entire left side. The Dystonia affects my entire right side, both eyelids, my vocal cords and both hands. I have recently have the Baclofen Intrathecal Pump installed as a means to manage my condition. It isn’t 100% but it is yet another step in my fight to not allow this disorder to keep me from making a difference.

    Regardless of whether I have a severly symptomatic day or a few spasms that no one notices I will always thank God for each day I can cross the threshold of my classroom and say “good morning” to my students. Please tell me that there are things that you are doing to get the word out.

    With Regards and Understanding,
    Mrs. Heather Goraj

  36. Mr. Kennedy,
    I read with interest your May, Vanity Fair article on the next President’s first task.
    Will you please tell me what you mean by saying the electrical grid needs to be DC for long-range transmission? It seems that the AC allows transforming to high voltage, low amps for transmission, and therefore low amps times resistance (low voltage loss). At the receiving end, voltage goes down, by transforming (only possible with AC) and amperage goes up for practical use in the house.
    I think DC doesn’t help, but I am anxious to learn.
    Thank you,
    James P. Sullivan, Jr.

  37. David Vogel

    I heard a rumor on the DailyKos that RFK Jr was pro-life. Is that pro-life for himself and his family or for all Americans? Or is he pro-choice for all Americans and just personally pro-life?

  38. Dr. in New York

    I am considering running for Hiallry’s Senate seat. I am a health care provider; there are some serious problem’s in NY State and the US. More to come. Watch for a website with my platform if I decide to run. Hillary has no clue how to put together a health care platform and neither does Barack Obama whom I voted for. HR676 has good intentions but serious, serious flaws. The problem is you get politicians crafting this stuff instead of health care workers…..

  39. Dr. in New York

    Ask RFK Jr if he ever redacted his comment about mercury in multidose vials of vaccines causing autism. Firstly, I have an autistic daughter. Second, the literature bears out that the mercury connection is not CAUSAL to autism. Countries that got rid of thimerisol preservative still had increases in autism rates, not decreases. Public figures like him are too proud to admit when they’re wrong.

    • J. Palmer

      Why would he retract something he might still believe in, just because there is another study funded by pharma money that says its safe doesnt erase the data that says its not. I have recently been delving into vaccinations as I have a 9 yr old, and a baby on the way and found a few interesting things. A Canadian by the name of Dr Andrew Moulden found that putting a vaccination directly into the bloodstream causes a flood of white blood cells that block the very small capillaries of the brain, causing stroke and possibly a host of other neurological disorders including MS, early onset of alzheimers, migraines, and autism. They (big pharma) might be even telling part of the truth, mercury is not Causal to autism, but what if the vaccinations still are? So I started looking at related studies that deal with the conditions of restricted bloodflow, and found some “very” interesting and supportive evidence. Then Prof. Paolo Zamboni came out with his MS research and surgical procedure to use angioplasty and inflate the veins of the return blood flow. Ok I am not a doctor and no genius, but even I can see the correlating data, and that if one neurological disorder caused by bad blood flow can be fixed, why cant the rest be prevented. I suggest you read the research out of Calgary medical university, the study by prof Paolo Zamboni, and a non-biased view on Dr Andrew Mouldens Data, and that is just the tip of the iceberg, there is another dozen or so studies from various institutions that confirm the same data, you just have to be patient and start reading, give your girl a big hug, and be safe out there.

  40. Joke

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    Second guy: “You’re real lucky, mine’s still alive.”


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  41. Today I thought about my disapointment in re to RFK’s disinterest in Senate seat. We need his skills in stewarding our planet so badly. His leadership + charisma are critical to getting the job done. In order for us to continue to live on this Planet, if we want normal life spans, forget the next generation, they just won’t make it — we MUST change the way we live.

    Obama has been waxing poetic about the word change, but he will soon discover that even his powers will be ltd; sadly that man has so many pots on his stove, bubbling over at once, there is no way he can give good attention to the Planet Earth. I know, it does not follow logic that we let the Earth die first but the man has a war & major Depression to manage plus so many other bombs flying all over the place, ea. day & ea. hr.

    For people to change they need a magical leader. Not just a good skilled man like Al Gore, no no no. Al Gore is just not capable of that kind of leadership and neither is anybody else. But we know that our man is dynamite! We know that when he speaks, people listen and they leave him wanting to change behavior, wanting to sacrifice for him. It’s almost spooky, thank the lord he is for the forces of good!

    Bobby is a Shaman whether he wants to be or not. He was blessed with his father’s maginificent gift of high messianic energy. The closest this Jew(ess) will ever get to understanding the one called Jesus Christ is to remember RFK the father and to see him again in his son. At age 61, I am at the end of my life. No, I am not a pessimist, none of us are allowed to live forever. 61 is not the new 40! It will be easier for me to say good by to my younger loved ones if Bobby is in a position of leadership and I do mean a high and powerful position.

    Today I got a letter from Obama’s transition team, asking me to “come to the table”. I am sure many or most of you have also rec’d the same invite. So, I went to their web site & I wrote them a post telling them what my “dreams for the Admin” were. That is the way it was formated (approx). I told them I wanted to see Pres.Elect Obama appoint Bobby to the most powerful position in re to Planet Earth Stewardship that he could manage. I told Obama that if he did not want to go thru the hassle of getting Bobby vetted for the cabinet (all charismatic people are hard to vet, they are always controversial, always) — then to please construct a new position. Heck, we need a new way of administrating our work w/ecology. Let the current secretaries of energy & EPA be, but put Bobby at a higher point, if possible Ecology Czar.

    There is nothing wrong with a new President initiating a new worthwhile position. Things are not working as is. So, I am asking you folks to scoot over to Encourage Obama to meet with Bobby and offer him a position he can’t refuse. A Position that will enable to use his skills and imagination and take them to higher levels of application. Tell Obama we can’t afford to leave a precious resource like Bobby out of his administration!

    Best Regards,

  42. Dear administration, I am assured, that I shall express the general opinion of all visitors and consequently on behalf of everything, I speak you the hugest thanks for creation and maintenance of such remarkable project!

    As very much it would be desirable to hear something about plans for development of the project.

    P.S. If our help is necessary – address, we always with pleasure shall help you!

  43. Can a president name a family member as his advisor

  44. these are questions ii have to give you.
    1.who was robert f. kennedy ?
    2.when was he born ?
    3.who was robert f. kennedy brother ?

  45. ana luna

    when will the movie “crimes against nature”
    come out? a friend saw it in aspen and thought it was incredible. and we need to get this story out!!

  46. bob p.

    ehy does rfk jr hate the usa

  47. Haywood Davis

    Why do we need another Kennedy in office?? There are other people in the USA that can run this country more effectively than the Kennedy’s. Try looking in your own back yard for someone to elect. Stop wasting time on the same politicians that have destroyed this country and elect someone to office that actually knows what it’s like to make sacrifices in their lives and pay bills and manage their own affairs without having everything handed to them in some shady back office deal.

  48. Alan MacDonald

    What is Bobby’s campaign position on the ruling-elite ‘global corporate financial’ EMPIRE which controls our government by hiding behind the facade of its two-party “Vichy’ sham of democracy (and its equally ‘Vichy’ corporatist media)?

    Should this ‘Empire problem/cancer’, which is the signal, singular, and seminal cause of all our “sorrows of Empire”, both foreign and domestic as Hannah Arendt warned, be candidly shared with Americans prior to election to the highest office in our land?

    Or should a presidential candidate maintain ‘ambiguity’ for the sake of electability (like Obama did) and then face the personal dilemma of whether to be or not to be more candid about confronting Empire after he is in office —- and thus risk not rocking the boat once in power, but “going along to get along” as the Democratic Party has since FDR and JFK?

    Alan MacDonald

  49. Sharon L. Carneal

    My family has always asked for help from a Kennedy because they care about people. My question is could you help get my father his Purple Heart for WWII? He served this country for 21years in the Air Force and 10 years as a civil servant, but he was never given his Purple Heart. His name was SSgt. Roy R. Edmiston (ret. ) and he died 2 1/2 years ago. My mother had all his military memorabilia put in the Warhawk Museum before she died. Thank you for any help you could give. Sincerely, Sharon L. Carneal

  50. Al

    When will be the best time for Mr. Kennedy to enter the political fray, 2010 or 2012? Should he announce his intentions too early such a decision may draw ire from the members of his own party, and should he wait too late a Republican could emerge as a better choice than Mr. Obama?

  51. Michael A. Keough

    I had the privilege of attending one of Mr. Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s Speeches in person a couple of years ago at the NJAR Convention at the Convention Center in Atlantic, City, New Jersey. Mr. Kennedy spoke for the most part of two hours to a packed and very appreciative and respectful room as the “Key Note Speaker”. In my opinion he was the highlight of the entire NJAR convention that year. Many of the attendees including myself travelled to Atlantic City from various long distances specifically to have the honor to hear Robert Kennedy, Jr. speak in person. Even though he struggles with a voice problem I felt that he was very intelligent and very straight-forward in his words. I gladly purchased his book “Crimes Against Nature” after his speech and Mr. Kennedy very patiently waited around afterwards and graciously signed his book for hundreds of people who formed a very long line.

  52. J. Palmer

    To the Honorable Robert Kennedy Jr.
    My question is a difficult one, and I am loathe to ask, but circumstances of the global reality force me to break a rule of courtesy, and I apologize in advance. My question is this, would you be afraid to take control of your currency from the international bankers that hoodwinked the American people into giving up its control? I feel that this is the main problem, and most of the others are connected in some way, but I understand that this group of people trying to dominate the world has attacked your family before, and I would completely understand your reluctance, as I would want to protect my immediate family as well. I started my own education into how and where money is made, who prints it, and who controls it. I was dismayed and the deeper I went into the rabbithole, the darker it got. I now understand a little bit more of what is going on, and understand the need for courageous leaders among men, as I feel courage is our only option left at this point, we must be public and inspire those around us to inspire those others that may surround them. The power mongers are cowards that hide behind closed doors, secret meetings, and corrupt political will, they thrive in the darkness of obscurity, and only the courage of people will shed some light on them.
    Sincerely, Jonathan Palmer

  53. Melissa

    My family has photos of your father Robert F. Kennedy, praying at the
    gravesite of his brother, John. If you are interested
    in these photos, please contact us at the above.
    This is NOT a joke or gimmick. These photos are
    real and were taken in 1965 and very touching. I
    witnessed it as a child and forever will remember
    that day.

  54. Don l. Klerkx

    John F. made me interested in politics; Robert F. completed my survey.
    But what did we got since then?? Nixon, Bush !
    Please restore the confidence of the people to trust politicians, to trust those who have ideas and dreams (“I see things, and ask why not”) .
    Please restore the confidence, not only of those in the USA, but also in the whole world, that there can be and will be a better future.

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