The Trouble With Professional Politicians

It’s the same ol thing out of Washington we see,
Our elected officials doing as they please.

We voted them in, they gave us an oath,
Democrats and Republicans shame on them both.

They want us to think that THEY know what’s best,
The gall to believe they are better than the rest…

…Of us working Americans who suffer and sweat,
While they contrive, deceive, and forget…….

…That WE gave them their jobs and WE can take them away,
And that’s exactly what should happen the next election day.

Should be voted out of office, that’ll get their attention.

THEY WORK FOR US, not the other way around,
And we keep cleaning house till the right people are found.

We’re tired of the lies and their back door deals,
That line their pockets and are never revealed.

So the next election lets put an end to their crap,
Boot em ALL OUT of office and start over from scratch!


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4 responses to “The Trouble With Professional Politicians

  1. So true Tiger, I just saw the “Obama Deception” Alex’s new movie out on Obama’s administration.

    It’s not so much that the man himself is bad or off… or that he has an agenda which satisfies his crony crew, because he doesn’t have one like Bush/Cheney.

    It’s the fact that he’s obviously been recruited by the Neo-Con Fascist elite Bilderberg, Trilaterals and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), to continue the coupe’ on the overthrow of the U.S. All of his cabinet (ALL OF HIS CABINET POSTS) are CFR, TRILATERAL and/or BILDERBERGERS.

    Every campaign stumping sound byte is catagorically being overturned as well speak (within the first 100 days) and it is becoming very clear, rapidly so as well, that this administration is ALL ABOUT the Reinstatement of NAFTA, the world dependance upon Trilateral unified monetary supply and control (New World Order my ass!) and the ecclisiastical control in world domination.

    It’s a scam of the highest order. The neccessity and panic established to bailout these bankers with monies established and created out of thin air from the “Federal Reserve” is laughable now that we are becoming informed about what the “Federal Reserve” is actually. It is no more federal than Federal Express. It’s Foreign Bankers who hold themselves above the U.S. Constitutional Law and whom have subverted the Constitution since 1913 with their having Woodrow Wilson Sign into law, the dependancy on their “Loans” with interest, to supply our actual monetary system for all of our country. This occured with a plan in mind, that these Trilaterals knew that once this was established, that we as a country could NEVER repay the “Debt’s” we incurred from them in satisfying a monetary supply of currency which is backed up by NOTHING as collateral… NOTHING except the assigning of all of our and our childrens and our grandchildren’s income (tax) to repay this never attainable ever increasing monetary debt (Service) we have been accruing since 1913 with the Federal Reserve act, signed into law and practice by Woodrow Wilson.

    The Irony as well to this is that in the same year, we had The Federal Income Tax established… Hmmmm do the math folks. The Income Tax is for repaying the “Federal Reserve”! and we’ll never be capable of repaying it! its interest is so over the top unreachable that virtual OWNERSHIP of our entire country, SOULS IN IT, government, rule of law, political agenda and everything else associated with US is being MANAGED, HANDLED, DIRECTED, PUSHED, MOVED and made to be the exact agenda and wishes of these NEO-CON, Trilateralists who ARE THE FEDERAL RESERVE!

    The Pecking order or hierarchy is simple The Bilderberg Group sets the agenda from their memebership, which is the world’s most affluent. The Trilateral’s are the collective agencie or group which establishes the agenda for monetary, political, social and ecclisiatic policies to be established. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the Members of the Trilateral sect that is actually employed/involved in active politics, vetting the players and creating the agenda on the world’s stage, representing US as a people! HA Laughable… We haven’t been represented since JFK tried his best to turn this “Federal Reserve” Trilateral, CFR nonesense around… That’s what got him killed. Oswald is a laughable patsy scheme now in light of all that we don’t know. It’s all that we don’t know, that forms the outline of what the truth really is… You can’t hide the truth, if youre looking for it.

    Ending the Federal Reserve is the litmus test to determining whether this is true or not. Either way we have nothing to lose.

    Why did Obama just reinstate the PATRIOT ACT?!

    Where’s OSAMA?!

    Prosecuting BUSH/CHENEY isn’t a GOD DAMN FAVOR! It’s an obligation to uphold the sworn duty of an elected official to do so… Not upholding the Constitution is ON YOU (Mr. Obama)! The only thing backing you up on any given day, for collateralizing yourself in worth of your soul… IS YOUR WORD and YOUR ACTIONS… Stating that you “Will uphold and defend the Constitution” on inauguration day in front of the entire world in representing our great nation, means that YOU ARE OUT THERE… Accountable for your actions, based on how you value your soul…

    MR. Obama, do you value your SOUL Sir?! or have you drank at the trough already and/or eaten the forbidden (lowhanging) fruit of the Trilateral’s agenda… I would think that being in the place that Mr. Obama is at currently, surrounded by all of the Wall Street Trilateralists and CFR members which “he placed” for “His cabinet”… that WE aren’t anywhere near being in the picture…

    We’ve been had!!!

  2. OMG Part II:



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